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Can someone please help me identify or source this image?


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Does anyone know where this image is originally from?


I believe it was first posted as early as 2001 in Furfashionguide.com -- but does anyone know where it is from originally?


Something tells me this photo is from the 1980s, from Montreal----I'm totally guessing here---anyone have any idea? In this day of pinterest, things get circulated but lose their source...would be good to keep track of where things are originally from.


Also--what fur is the coat the guy is wearing?


I would greatly appreciate your replies/help/thoughts.



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I first saw this image at The Fox Files website in late 90s, which was owned by a guy named Madmanfox. The lady in the image is the well-known model Joan Severance. At first sight, I thought this was an image from the famous ad campaigns of Grosvenor furs, since Joan Severance was one of their top models, but Madmanfox placed this image in "other images of Joan Severance" category. I am sorry I could not help any further.

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