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Fur auction on Ebay


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Hello everybody,


We have decided to sell many furs of our collection on Ebay in the next days or weeks : many kinds of furs and maybe 1 or 2 great furs !

Our Ebay account : furbonded


If you need information just tell us.





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I will post the links of the Ebay auctions as soon as I put them (maybe saturday)


We sell many furs out of Ebay if you are interested, the list below :


Fox fur vest with 3 colors in very good state, Jean Fougerousse Lyon, size 38 Price : 200 euros


tanuki fur vest, Alexandre Fourrures size 38 in very good state Prce : 180 euros


shared rabbit vest with hoodeed fox fur lined in very good state size 38 Price : 120 euros


crystal fox vext, Lartigue Fourrures in very good state, size 42/44 Price : 200 euros


lynx fur vest , very very soft, Martes Royales Fourrures, in very good state, size 38 Price base Ebay 500 euros (only on Ebay)


red fox fur vest without sleeves, very soft, Roger Roche Paris Price : 60 euros

(I put off the sleeves by myself), in very good state, size 42


Rare platinium fox fur coat, very long and large with hood Price base Ebay 950 euros (only on Ebay)

in very good state size 46/48, shoulder to shoulder: 51cm, sleeves: 65cm, long : 130cm


Long silver fox coat in very good state size 38 Price : 300 euros


Long blue fox fur coat, size 38 in good state (the white fur is turning soft yellow in some part) Price : 250 euros



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