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Surreal Men's fur collection


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Blue Iris Mink:



This just in from West Hollywood.


From my experience, these auctions look too good to be true. I've seen a number of coats listed by sellers with 0 feedback lately. I've been following a f/l blue fox that was re-listed a handful of times, then inexplicably pulled. I'm curious about these -- they could simply have been listed by someone's assistant. Or an angry spouse. Or...


Caveat emptor. And if you buy any of them, post photos.

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I could be wrong, but I have my doubts about the coats.

-The chinchilla seems to be chinchilla rex, the skins are too big to be real chinchilla since this is a small animal

-The sable is difficult for me to judge, not every sable type is that expensive, but I wish I had one

-The mink is way too expensive for a second hand coat and the coat seems to be not brand new

Also the quality of the pictures is something left to be desired making it very difficult to judge the quality and therefore an acceptable price but the fur looks real. Labels are showing Musi, I presume Musi Furs which is based in Canada and now the coats are sold in the US

The ebay seller is an ebay member since 2 September 2018 and is asking in total $9000, for me that's a lot of money

It looks like someone "inherited" a few coats and is asking retail prices, question if they are legit seems valid

Hope this helps

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Labels are showing Musi, I presume Musi Furs which is based in Canada

Yes, in montreal. I actually met the guy few times, he give me few good tips how to sew furs, also introduce me to the guy who does tune up of fur sewing machines... cool greek guy...

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If someone is seriously interested I have a mens blue fox bomber with hood for sale in size XXL made for me this year... It's not going to be cheap but it is proper mens fur.

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