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Making a fox stole


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A taxidermist should be able to offer advice, or make it for you. They may also be able to supply you with an animal, unless you are shooting/hunting a fox by yourself. If you are doing it yourself you will need a mount to stiffen the mask and glass eyes, both should be available from an online taxidermist supplier.


I am hoping to do the same myself one day, but it's on the back burner until I can get my licence and a hunting rifle - I only have a shotgun at the moment which is no good if you want to preserve a pelt as it will obviously be full of tiny holes, whereas a single wound from a rifle bullet is comparatively easy to repair. A local taxidermist has said she would be happy to make a stole for me (for my wife), if I supply the animal, she will skin it and make up the stole. She saw it as something of a challenge as she has never been asked to do one before. She also suggested shooting a fox in the neck rather than the body as it will be less damage to repair.


Hope this helps.

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