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Your Fur idol?


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Who, either fictional or real, is someone who embodies your love of fur and is an object of perfection in your eyes?


To me, the embodiment of perfection is Cruella De Vil (the Glenn Close version)


She's devilish, cruel, bossy, and knows the exact value of animals, their pelts! She's a fashion icon and gets what she wants when she wants it. She attacks her goals like a predator and is the exact representation of what my love for fur would be as a person.


What about you?

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I guess this survey will become a clear victory for Cruella De Vil


To me Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell are tied. Both look hot, got style and both got a huge passion for fur. Naomi is a she-devil and Kate knows how to party. So much for the real world.

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JLO easily for me. She's stunning and was the 1st real woman I saw wear furs when I was younger. Jenny from the block was amazing for me.

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Linda Evans AND Joan Collins wrapped up in those lavish furs! Also if I could travel back through time....Joan Crawford and all of those Hollywood fur wearing Glamor Gals of the 1930's 1940's and 1950's!

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The millennials who brought it into the twenty-first century.


Probably fashion designers like Joseph Altuzarra, emerging designers like Emily Oldroyd of Emiloufur (a former Den member at the beginning of her career), an interior designer like Ryan Korban, or a luxury influencer like Bryan Grey-Yambao. The stylists like June Ambrose and "Messiah", dressing pop personalities like "Cardi B", "Safaree", "Macklemore", and of course, Jennifer Lopez, have made a difference.


But in my personal life?

You know who you are.

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I can't count Cruella as she's only known for one fur (though I do adore that in the book she sleeps in ermine sheets... even if they do get wrecked). If I'm gonna choose a fur idol, both quality and quantity count.


For real life, I have two; young Queen Elizabeth and young Princess Margaret. Just look at the flickr album below and you'll see them (and their mother) in several outfits with furs in mink, ermine, fox, and others.




For fictional, it's Barbie. All her outfits over the years include so many furs. Just a few of my favorites include:

Enchanted Evening - Pink ballgown with a white fur shoulder wrap

Icebreaker - Red skating dress with a white fur jacket

Happy Holidays 1994 - Gold dress with holly accessories and white fur trim

Winter Princess (first in series) - Blue dress with white fur trim and a white fur hat and muff

Skating Star - Pink and blue skating dress with white fur trim

Midnight Tuxedo - Slinky black evening dress with a black fur wrap

Fantasy Goddess of the Arctic - Snow Queen inspired dress with a blue cape edged with white fur (looks like an Elsa fanart outfit, but made 12 years before Frozen... coincidence? ;-D )

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In fiction:

The Snow Queen (pre-Frozen), the White Witch & Cruella & Wanda Von Dunajew (from Venus in Furs).

In real life:

Lesley-Anne Down, Joan Collins, Morgan Fairchild, Nicolette Sheridan, Cybill Shepard, Natassja Kinski, Donna Dixon, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Lana Cox, Jennifer Lopez, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Agnetha Fältskog & Anni-Frid Lyngstad (of ABBA), Liz Mitchell, Maizie Williams & Marcia Bennett (of Boney M), Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Rita Ora. All of these ladies have surprised me at least once or twice by wearing Fur and I have thus awarded each of them Executive Grade A++ Fur Wearer/Lover!

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