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Re: Fur fetish advice


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Hey guys

Havent posted for a while but still reading alot of the posts here and loving all of them


Now iv kinda run into a slight problem with my partner and i want some advice on it now iv brought a fur massage glove wich is absolutely amazing and soft and i went a little crazy and brought this amazing 3/4 length green fox fur coat for skanvik furs im not sure how you spell it but any how the coat is really good now my problem is iv been playing with my girlfriend when shes in her coat and i massage her with the glove but im just thinking that she just needs that extra little bit to get her really into furs like she wouldnt look on sites with me to find other fur items and i just wanted to no what else i could possibly do to get her really into it have any of yous had the same problem with your partners any advice would be great.


Thanks heaps andy

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I convinced my wife about fur as simply as I could. Fur coats, clothes etc. are designed for people to enjoy. They are made to make people feel good. So, enjoy! Done. Try it out.

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I have heard guys pushing fur too hard so their wives turned against them and furs. I am sure some herercan tell you what happened to them when they pushed too hard

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