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Does anybody have experience/ knowledge about platinum fox?


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I am curious what people think about platinum fox versus blue fox. They seem to be exactly the same besides color is this true? I am curious which fox is softer to the touch and would be considered higher quality?


So far from doing my research on the forums I have found that red fox is the softest fox while not being as dense. Blue fox is the favorite parts of most users. Silver fox seems to be popular for its color but scratchy to the skin.


I am curious what the difference is between platinum fox to all these other colored fox.

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Hi ! We have been working with both platinum fox and blue fox for several years in our fur makin company ,SKANDINAVIKFUR , and i will be happy to give my insights.

Platinum fox pelts have white guardhair with with smaller proportions of black guardhair. Blue fox pelts have white guardhair or different shades of white and their tips are darker.

Platinum fox as a rule of thumb has longer guardhair and less thick underfur compared to blue fox. This makes the former softer to the touch compared to blue fox. Platinum has a more "airy" look ,while blue fox is more "robust".

Pricing wise platinum pelts are produced in smaller quantities (this is due to breeding issues) and thus more rare and more expensive.

Regarding quality it depends on the quality of the pelts and no fur type has any advantage over the other.

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