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Used mink belts


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Curiosity sparks my interest in the idea of used long mink belts to tie my faux fur coat closed at the waist/hip level.....

My full lenght faux coat doesnt have any type of belt loops and i am curious if this would work for my new coat?

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I personally love that style of fur coats with belts and I own several, but since the coat is faux there will probably be a somewhat significant difference with the color and the texture of the fur so Im not sure how that'l work together... although, you should consider maybe just trimming a part of the existing coat (from a place that is unnoticable and wouldnt make a bg difference of course) and make a belt out of that. It shouldnt be too much of a complicated sewing work if you know how to sew. If not maybe give to proffesional (probably wouldnt cost too much). Another idea is maybe you can just go to a fabric store that sells faux furs and see if they have something that would match nicely to the coat, and make a belt out of that.


Anyways, you can try an actual mink belt but from my experience with working with faux / genuine furs it wouldnt look ideal...


Keep updating!

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