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Thoughts on skandinavik furs?


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I’ve seen a couple of members on the forum recommend this website but I can’t seem to find the post again it seems like they charge the same price it would cost you to buy the belts on eBay and make it yourself the price seems really really good I am wondering if the quality is there and if anybody has any experience with them and would recommend them to buy a fur blanket and which blanket would be buy if they would?

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One has to be very suspicious when the price of the fur blankets and throws [skandinavik furs] is so inexpensive. Made with fur pieces, poor quality and possibly made in China is most likely.

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hi furfellow

to your answer we do not make our furs in china,but in greece,our blankets are made out of sections,but i wouldnt say its poor quality,we can do also with full skin pelts at a higher price.as far as it concerns our reviews i can give you our ebay store to check as well our etsy shop,reviews are speaking them selfs.from the other hand you need to educate yourselfs how much are sold the skins in the fur auctions like saga,kopenhagen fur auction and nafa.the prices are online and available to everybody to check.they have dropped significantly the last few years,so please do not judge someone if you do not know where they make their furs.if you want pm so i can provide you our stores so you can see our reviews.with all due respect we offer a variety of qualities of furs for all the wallets

regards dimitris

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