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London Fashion week


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I know I never get much response from our friends across the pond about my comments on the anti fur movements. But to all UK fur lovers on this board, yet another nail in the coffin for fur in the Uk has just been announced.


London Fashion Week, taking place 20 - 21st September has just announced that for the first time in it's 35 year history it will not be featuring any animal fur in any of its shows.


According to a Daily Telegraph article. "The British Fashion Council found in a survey of its 80 designers that none were using fur, amid rising protests from animal rights activists.


Caroline Rush, chief executive of the British Fashion Council (BFC), said that the fur-free fashion festival “highlights a trend we have seen over the past few years, with more and more brands deciding to use alternative materials to fur”.


The Uk seems to be pretty well totally fur free today. It would appear that the animal rights movement has not only won the battles, but it has won the war. The final blow will be when The Uk Government declare a total ban on the import of animal fur. With fur farms in the UK having been banned years ago, that will mean that the only fur available in the UK will be vintage and second hand fur.


The British Fur Association just seem to be turning belly up on this. They are convinced that because sales are increasing everything is hunky dory. However when the wealthy foreigners who are sustaining the British fur trade market stop buying because they don't want to buy second hand fur, sales will plummet, and fur will be dead in the UK, probably forever.


The Fur association is doing nothing to change the minds or the public against anti fur rhetoric, and doing nothing to promote more affordable furs which would enable the general public to experience and indulge in fur instead of just the wealthy few. They just pander to selling expensive luxury goods to the wealthy. They fail to see that a student having a rabbit fur coat today(as so many did in the sixty's) will be tomorrow's customers for more expensive furs.


They talk about their Welfur project to be launched next year, but its no good talking to the converted about it, they need to make the public aware of it. There's no point in making sure that fur products have a Welfur label, if there are no new customers to buy them.


I know the fur den don't like negativity about fur, but that is just burying heads in the sand. This is reality. All Uk fur lovers on this board should be writing to their MP's to give them the other side of the story and express their concern that no MP should even be considering the fur issue and making decisions based on spurious information and which infringes people's right to choose what to wear. MP's should be concerning themselves with real issues instead of vote gathering smoke screens. They should also write to the British Fur Association to express their concerns at the fact that you simply don't see any people wearing fur on the streets in the UK anymore. A letter to London Fashion Week would also be a good idea expressing the concern at the hypocrisy of promoting inferior faux fur with all its production, cleaning and disposal ethical ecological problems in favour of ecologically sound real fur .


Of course it wont happen. The silent majority stay silent. the vocal minority win the day.


Our friends In the US should be equally worried, because it is happening there too. Every city that goes fur free represents a little bit of dry rot that will spread and ultimately destroy everything.


"It will never happen" you say......Yeah, that is what we said in the UK a few years back.

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''The British Fur Association just seem to be turning belly up on this. They are convinced that because sales are increasing everything is hunky dory''.


It was the same in the 80's. The British fur trade buried its head in the sand and hoped that the animal rights problem would go away. It didn't. The trade did nothing to defend itself and paid the price.


''that will mean that the only fur available in the UK will be vintage and second hand fur''.

At least there's plenty of that about. They can't systematically go through the nation's wardrobes disposing of all the vintage fur out there.

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What makes me really angry is that it is allowed to call synthetic materials “eco fur” when it’s just plastic, the same plastic that is provoking an environmental problem.

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