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Are you kidding?

Anyone who comes here that thinks fur has had its day is going to see all these new stunning supermodels in gorgeous fur shoots. Its the best advertising we have....thats why the likes of Gucci and versace and fendi etc spend so much money promoting it with these girls and until now there has been precious little mention of them or the furs.


This is NEW its NOW and these girls are going to be household names and make fur popular again. You want to consign them all to one thread? Just so happens they all smoke...and I have consigned them to ONE off topic thread....but if you havent been there you dont know what your missing.


There is now a GEORIGINA GRENVILLE smoking in fox and in astrakhan update in the smoking lounge too by the way


Since there is nothing rude, and ALL the smoking ones are in off topic(aswell as the massive fur collection now there) so there is no rule breach.

If you cant see that having all these fabulous models names standing in the den ALONE as a beacon as soon as you look at the opening page is good for us then youre nuts cobber


Every saggy titted one legged model PETA come up with we get TEN stunning new girls only too pleased to wear fur. As they are a new generation of rebels they are also likely to buck the system by being smokers too. Emina C, Angela L, Frankie R, Georgina G, Esther C, Elise C,Devon A, Diana D, DariaW. etc etc etc. and about a dozen at the moment waiting to come. They embrace fur, are top of the fashionista league, and we NEED them!!!!



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I think all Mr. B may have been suggesting is to put them all together under one topic - just like SC and Golden Oldies.


***warning editorial content*** I'm a non-smoker and prefur not to have people smoking while wearing my furs or around my furs. However, I have no problems looking at pictures of these lovely models smoking while wearing their own furs.



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Yes I can see the logic of that and thats why I have lumped them together is a single off topic thread. HOWEVER, when the whole fashion industry uses these girls images to promote their clothes, frankly I think we'd be daft not to do the same.

Putting a name to the girls and getting to know their fur portfolios is important....lumped together takes away from their individuality. They should be our new heroines, and be celebrated ....as should some of the newer furs in collections.


As I said, for first time visitors here its important they see the amount and beauty of individual younger models that wear fur...so when someone says pam anderson is anti fur...they can see yeah and all these are pro and they are a new generation.

I love Joan Collins, but she is not an icon for NOW like these girls.


Thus they should remain beacons of light for all to see on individual threads. Lets face it....they are already mostly modelling new furs already for the winter collections...catch some on fashion tv....so they can be added to soon.....wait til July and august when the new vogues etc come out. So these threads are about them...the smoking aspect is just for a thread of its own and thats why its in off topic in a single thread.


I once met a guy when I was about 16 who said that things werent the same since women stopped wearing lace and bustles. He was very old and very grumpy. A lot of the fur fashions on this site, though I love them too, are gone. Consigned to the past. I dont want to end up like this guy. I want fur to be a thing of the future and these models and collections and photographers are offering that.

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