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Oh Dear... how fleeting is fame.

Mr Barguzin

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I watched with interest the fun and games when Debra Norville was announced as co-host of NBC's TODAY Show in 1991, only to be usurpted by Katie.


Now Katie is gone.


And so is the third rated link (Google) (or was it fourth) to a webpage devoted to her. Oh... the page was at MSNBC. Funny that... how fleeting is fame.


BTW, where IS Debra Norville nowadays?

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Sorry about this but I dont know who they were...were they attractive?

Did they wear fur?

You get American TV in Australia?


And anyway what are you doing upsetting the Portuguese in their own colonies?

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As for Katie's looks... you be the judge



I do recall seeing the odd pic of her in a fur collared coat..... but seeing as how ch7 in its wisdom moved it from midnight to 4.00AM... well haven't seen too much of her lately.


As for D Norville...


Read her life story.. it's interesting WEG


Now as for in fur... no idea...


And as for upsetting the portuguese, they shoulda thought about that before they gave Timor to Indonesia!! *grin*


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Mr B and I posted ablot the same time.


Sorry for the double up on info.


Incidentaly Mr B, you're second link doesn't work for me.


EDIT** Works OK now.

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