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I know guys I know...it must rate a ten of ten from me...which is rare I top mark...BUT....I have to ask you would it work with anyones face but Angela's? me thinks not........


it is SHE who makes the pic work.....the photographer is BRILLIANT and has produced ART here, and the fox sleeves are sooooo so inspiringly evocative of the best that was eighties but in a modern context(so YSL)...yes all that....but it is ANGELA...her rebellious innocence that says "yeah I understood what it was all about and now i'm here and now and have what most of your generation left behind....and I am am innocent but dirty and I am what you want...and guess what? you didnt fight for it so your not getting it ...yet...fight for me...and then just maybe Earendils generation can have a piece of the action" That I love about it and its ANGELA that says that! She is liberty for me.....not Green Day.


So Earendil...dont just look...think what courage this girl has.

Wish I was your age again...you can bring nations down with a girl like her on yer arm.



oh and ummmmm....yes Worker I looked at the pic agin and looked at her eyes and indeed I am right. BUT then I looked at the shape/composition again....um yes its a big fur V word with a beautiful face in it. Its simply the best fur pic ever....so you are right too.


At some stage we have to have a vote on "best fur pic " top ten.


One thing I am very happy about is that Mr Mockle and Miss T who are bothe here would DEFINITELY feature prominently in that.....aswell as one or two of the classy dragon/cookie shoots.....but we have to think of a marking/voting system and nominantions...what d'ya think?


Ideas for scoring:

1.Beauty of the fur

2.Beauty of the lady

3.Beauty of the Photograph

4.Overall Artistsic merit/integrity



In no particular order but this photo on that scoring system gets 50 from me if its from 10 each one. Miss T in the red fox (with monument) would get a 49, and Lana cox a 48 on the marina pic too.


I think this should start another thread but those are probably my fave three with the ones of Georgina G smoking and of Diana D (one in smoking lounge) and Emina C coming close behind and several of Frankie F(I love the one of her in sheaed mink in the palm bar...definite 10 for style)and Daria W coming up close. Sorry guys; s/c doesnt come in my top 20 and they have to be paid for after a week or so!!! I have to have a good look at some of the Cruella pics to as they DEFINITELY rate a ten of ten on style.


AND there are SEVERAL ither ladies here I would love to see say Mr Mockle or Miss T play with photographically.


I just wish there was a nice photo of Kate B to get in the top ten but otherwise her Aviator pics have to be there, aswell as some of blackglam shots of various; some catherine D and well....I could go on. Some nominations please from others..... seperate thread...maybe pick ten each with scores from 50 down) . We could maybe even send between us to them a"FUR QUEEN" award...what d'ya think? I also love some of furpunks pics so i think we can have a seperate vintage categories....maybe 1926 to 1956, 1956 to 1986.

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Bringing it back ON topic if you do a google image search on Angela Lindvall and also tap in "Piggot Alas "(the photographers) or "Technicolor dreams" (the name of the vogue feature (US 03. 09 2003 I think) then it will come up with a Lindvall site and bluegrey scale fashion sites but I cant seem to link to large images of here in the car...she looks to have another white fur on in a red car. Bet its not a chuffing mazda.

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