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Fur Keyboard Pad

Guest OFF or Old Fur F##t

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Just got my sheared Beaver Keyboard Pad from Painterpat. 2 actually. One for home and one for the office. It's a 12" X 28" rectangle with a shallow scoop out for the keyboard. It has a thick felt pad under the fur. Firm foam would work too.


Comfortable and inspiring.


Since I use aBall Mouse and a Goldtouch split keyboard the mouse is in front of me between my arms all of which rest comfortably in the fur.


She balked at me suggesting a fox tail on the two bottom corners. Kinda like from the rearview mirror or maybe big fur dice?


Think I'll have her make one in Mink now.


Chase those carpal tunnel pains away.


Fur is actually very functional too!!




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Pat Capps


She made them for me.


She has pleanty of second hand sheared Beaver and Mink.


Depends on the type of Keyboard you have and your style of typing.


I had used a Microsoft split keyboard for quite a while this way.


If your keyboard is close to the edge of the table with your hands and arms held up it would be a waste. Also the Mouse type. You may have it off to the side on a hard pad as required so it would be unaffected.


I use a split keyboard as I said, with it well away from me on the desk top. My arms are resting on the desk and a stationary Ball mouse so I'm in full contact with no stress on m arms or hands. Of course I never learned to type the "right way".


There are several Ergonomic Keyboard sites that are worth visiting and they have pads for just such use but not furry.




My Goldtouch is split and elevated much like in the site pictures.


She can make what you would like to order. Just provide a template if it's different from what I had her make. She has speciallized in pilows for quite some time now.


I think any of the sheared furs would work well along with Mink and a few other short hair furs.


Avoid ones that shead or long hair. Gets in the keyboard and messes things up. They won't wear well either. I had used a few scraps of sheared Beaver on a pad for quite a while and they wore well.



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