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Car seat covers


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Im curious if sheepskin car seat covers are worth buying for front seats and back seats..

My second questions is .. Are sheepskin covers warm in the winter months or as warm as other furs availible?

Its just an idea of maybe buying some covers for my car, thats all..

I have cloth seats not leather..

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Sheepskin is a reasonable idea for seat covers and the ONLY fur that is durable enough for the purpose. The main idea with sheepskin seat covers is to provide some insulation between you and the seat - thus the seats will not feel as cold in cold weather. Eventually the sheepskin will become matted with use and possibly somewhat worn, so it is not a permanent solution. The one caveat is that seat covers should never be used on seats with a builtin heater as the excess heat will eventually destroy the seat cover.


While for us fur freaks the idea of fox, coyote or such fur as seat covers sounds great, friction is the great enemy of all furs and is totally impossible to avoid with seat covers.

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Please keep in mind that the interiors of cars get extremely hot during hot summer days if the windows are rolled up. High heat will dry out fur leather pronto. If you get sheepskin car seat covers, you need to remove them from your car during the hot months of the year.

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