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The tragic Gia Carangi

Guest touchofsable

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Gia Carangi by 1982 was a heroin addict and tragically died of AIDS in 1986.

The Film "Gia" is about her. I never put two and two together as I have only just rediscovered her from the www.herfamedgoodlooks.com ; now I know why a few years back the models that were struggling against drugs called themselves Gia's girls.


Here are some lovely shots of her:




I have decided after thought however to keep the posts of her in the smoking lounge as her most famous shoot was the beautiful "femme fatale" series which featured smoking. There are also a number of lovely fur shots.

She is an icon of the seventies and eighties and her look was probably one of the reasons we loved this type of look when we were kids. Tragic and let us pay homage to her. The beautiful and iconic Gia Carangi. Angel in fur.

"the world seems based on money and sex...I'm looking for something more important than that...like love and caring" (Gia)

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