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Behold mere mortals: DIANA DONDOE

Guest touchofsable

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www.herfamedgoodlooks.com/hfgl/Diana%20 ... 0ricci.jpg


And you HAVE to see the white fox affair she has just walked into ye olde Denne pub smoking lounge in!!!!!!!!!!!


If we had a vote on the sexiest ever fur shot that would have to be near favourite I would think. Posted there.

Diana is by the way known as the chain smoking model (and thats among chain smoking models!)and is from Romania I believe.


Anybody want to volunteer to search her for fur shots on www.style.com?


If you do you can post fur shots here but dont forget the smoking ones for us degenerates in the smoking bar.

on the site www.herfamedgoodlooks.com posted in the smoking lounge dont forget to look at the Ungaro ad on the ads page

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