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question about geographic origin of bobcat pelt

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I recently purchased a second-quality Rocky Mountains bobcat pelt from

glacierwear.com (see link above). I thought I received a second-quality Virginia bobcat

pelt. The fur is not long and thick enough for the pelt to be from a Rocky Mountains bobcat. The CITES

tag says "VA BCAT". I have a fur pillow that I ordered online from a

taxidermy shop in Oregon. The shop only uses Oregon trapped fur for

its fur pillows. The pillow is mostly made of badger fur with a

border made of bobcat fur. I compared the bobcat fur on the pillow to

the fur from the pelt from glacierwear.com. The Oregon bobcat fur is

longer and thicker. I emailed glacierwear.com. The following is

their response. I have attached pictures.



Also, the CITES tag has a circle and the words US CITES inside the circle.




Plus, glacierwear.com also sells bobcat pelts from Northeastern US/Canada. What if a Virginia bobcat pelt was used to fulfill my order, either by mistake or deliberately? That would explain the VA BCAT and the US CITES on the tag.


What do you think is the geographic origin of the bobcat pelt? Virginia or British Columbia?


I have emailed the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. I await their response.






Glacier Wear Thu, Jul 5, 2018 at 7:51 AM

To: Vince C


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Beca here (the one you spoke to on the phone about this).





The above bobcat is actually from Vancouver/British Columbia, not Virginia.



We have never purchased bobcats from Virginia I don't think.





So yes, the purchased pelt is a rocky mountain cat. Due to the

purchased cat being a second quality pelt, you will sometimes find

that one of the imperfections on the pelt is that the fur may not be

as heavy as others as well. We do not allow for any type of choice

with the #2 quality pelts.





Please let me know what you would like to do moving forward with the purchase.








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Glacier Wear


PO Box 1730


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My initial take would be that your pelt is probably tagged properly, but a low quality pelt. No matter what the area where an animal is trapped from, there will always be some low quality pelts as well as some high quality pelts. You bought a "second quality" or lower quality pelt as is was probably cheaper than a "first quality" or high quality pelt. Basically you got what you paid for.

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I was right. I received an email from a biologist who works for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and he said my pelt came from a county in the western part of Virginia. I emailed glacierwear.com and told them about this. They asked me to send back the Virginia pelt and then they sent me an Oregon pelt since I had mentioned a fur pillow I bought in 2015 from another seller that contained Oregon badger and Oregon bobcat fur.

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