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An excellent opportunity

Guest majsl

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Hi guys,


Looks like I missed this excellent exhibition (400 years of the Fur trade in Quebec) earlier in the year when visiting Quebec City - I hope some of you might have the opportunity to visit and in turn share a first hand account of the experience.




Quite love Quebec city and hope to visit many more a time!


Best wishes,


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Quebec City is a unique place and the only walled city in North America (17th century). The best time to visit is the winter (January, February) , in my opinion ,with far fewer tourists, half empty hotels and lovely French restaurants. Might I mention lots of furs (it's cold) worn by men and women. French of course is the language spoken but shop keepers and hotel staff are quite happy to practice their English. It's a bit of a zoo in the summer, so many tourists visiting this unique North American gem. The week of winter carnival can be very busy and expensive.

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