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Hi, everyone, I'm interested in knowing if any of you on here have experience with Skandinavik Furs, as I'm looking into possibly buying a fur from them and am interested in knowing more about the company and their products, because there's not a whole, whole lot to go on in terms of reviews and comments. Also, they mention being able to customize the furs on their site, and I'm wondering if anyone on here has experience that and if there are additional charges, and if they're reasonable? Thanks in advance for any info you can provide!

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Hello furrier100,


Just lost my original message - apologies for the brevity of this one.


Browsing there website (https://skandinavikfur.com/sable-fur-coats) I've noticed that many of the pictures are no their own - by way of example some of the sables are recognized from the Saks website when browsed along time past.





Across the purchases I've made I've noted there's always a trade of when reducing cost. Quality workmanship, high grade skins, premium skin types - these all add to the bottom line. Finding the balance between cost and happiness with the product can be difficult to do when you've never seen these aspects in person and it's all online.


However when we've purchased online some of these have been with Kostas at Mailon Furs ... I believe he's a sponsor here and some times on the board. We've been reasonably happy with the outcomes. There's a lot of furriers you can reach online, and contacting a few of them once you have an idea of what you want (and set your own budget) can open the door to see what's possible.


I hope you have success in finding what you need and in turn enjoy the purchasing process. Customers are what will keep in the industry alive!




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