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How to meet people


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I’m new to the forum and I was just wondering what the best way to meet people here is. Is there a topic for just meeting people or is the chat my best bet? Just really want to meet people.

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Generally the best way to start is a topic in the "Welcome & Introductions" forum as you have done. Then try the Chat facility. Until you achieve 10 posts in the forums, you will be unable to use the Private Messaging (PM) facility. Good luck!


Many members prefer to remain as anonymous as possible, so it may take some time & effort for members to get to know you. Probably the best way for members to get to know you is through your posts in the forums, so do not be afraid to make posts but try to avoid the "me too" or "yea that" type of posts.

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Keep your posts to the point of your name, and way to reach you. You can tell them what you want after you're chatting.


Any personal ads (i want to hook up, etc) will be removed.


Happy looking!

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Hallo beste fur-vrienden,

Dit jaar (2024) willen we het ‘FurEvent NL’ organiseren in oost-Nederland.

We willen graag inventariseren wie hier belangstelling voor heeft en mogelijk wenst te komen.


Hello dear fur-friends,

This year (2024) we like to organizeFurEvent NL’ at the eastern part of The Netherlands.

We want to know who like to come.

For more information: http://fureventnl.wordpress.com

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