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Someone I know saw a coat like that a year or so ago.

It looked like real fur, with thick and lush hairs, but when it arrived, it was little more than felt! The picture shows long hair (5-7cm) but the hairs coat that arrived was obviously faux, with hairs that were barely 1cm. The quality was poor, and it wasn't very well made.

I later discovered while browsing the internet, that the Chinese site was using pictures from other sites (Mainly Spirit Hoods)


So I advise caution, or even avoiding those sellers.

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The price is too low for anything that you would like. As it is from china, there is another mentality - they honor the master designer by making it simliar. So for asians this is realy no bad intention. If you ask them to make a real picture with their mobile phone, they mostly do and you will see what you could get

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I saw that picture on ebay SO many times... sellers always post pics of real fur, when they actually sell faux, not even close to the picture garments. always look for a reasenable pricing, or DM the seller to make it clear. I probably ran into 10 listings where the sellers put in the title that it was "100% real fur" and after I sent them a message to clearify that,(because the price was rather cheap) they said it was actually faux.

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