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Snow country


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Is there anyone here on the forums that are from Montana state or Colorado? In snow country??

I ask bc i would love to plan a vacation of atleast 3 to 4days up there around christmas this next year in 2019.. I want to take amtrack up therr and back to Tx where im from..

Any help appriciated...

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We have spent a fair amount of weeks in Aspen, CO. Though a liberal community, tourists definitely wear furs in the cold months, specially new years week. My Werribee and I wear our furs with no recourse. Vail, is a much more conservative city, and furs are even more common and accepted.


We also enjoy Sun Valley Idaho, where fur wearing is a common sight.

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Nice... Both of you look great in your furs...

Its been a while since ive taken a vacation and Id like to get out of state and enjoy my new fur i just bought for my self..

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