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Fur accesories


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Hey this question is for the guys in here..

What are your favorite fur accesorie?

Fur hats? Fur boas?

I’d like to know what accesories most men are wearing and using?

I want to find some fur hats and maybe a fur boa.. for my self this year.....

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The accessories I regularly wear are:-

Scarves (I have 14!)

Hats (11)


Ties (7)


Of course I wear one (or more) of each of the above with one of my MINK coats.

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Wow very nice... I have alot of decisions to make...



If you still want that hat you saw that I am advertising, we can make it for you and have it shipped out to you in about three days time. It would be on your doorstep in about 10 days-3 weeks depending on the shipping service you chose. I would highly advise you to order this hat from us. hats this large aren't being produced by any other company for the average consumer accept this one. I personally purchased a hat from this company before I started working from them. I had the hat made from blue fox and it is absolutely divine. And if you place an order for more than three items at once you get 20% off your order

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Id love to eventually find a brown-ish colored fox fur boa on a budget ( long one)and maybe a plus size fur hat..

I tried on a black rabbit russian ushanka hat with fur ear flaps and it was a touch to small for me ..because i wear a 2x===7 and 7/8's size..

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I sometimes hook one of my fox tails to my pants and wear it out in public.


I like the swooshing move it makes, and sometimes swat my friends with it if I'm hanging out with them.

fun times.

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I forgot to say, that I took a small piece of MINK and used a glue gun to glue it to my wallet. That of course means that I can touch fur every day. I intend to do the same with my mobile phone cover

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Only issue that i have is that i have a large head and i wear the equivilent size to a 2x to 3x aka 7 and 7/8s cowboy straw hat size....

Thats why i wear plus size clothes as well as my full lenght faux fur coat is a 2x... Fits me just fine..

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