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White Fox

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Here is a really odd one for you.


In a cemetry not far from here is a tomb stone which on the back has a small drawing of a telephone. And just underneath is written in big letters "Call before you dig!"


Anyone else have any tomb stones in their area with comical things either intentional or unintentional written on them?


I do remember one in an old joke.

Fellow went to do final barganning for a tomb stone for his wife. He told all about what should go on the front of it. And he said to put "Rest in Peace" on the other side. And if there is room, "We shall meet in Heaven".


Well when he went to the cemetry to inspect it, everything was on the front of the stone. Name. Birth date and so on. And just under that was written "Rest in peace on the other side and if there is room we shall meet in Heaven!"



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