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Furriers in NZ or Aus


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Hi guys,


I want to send a couple of my wife's furs off to get cleaned at a furriers, does anyone from New Zealand have any experience with it. there seem to be a couple in Aus like Linda Black in Melbourne has anyone had dealings with them ? or can you recommend any one.


Cheers Guys


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Try ringing Max at mooneys in Dunedin,

034778171. These guys are really helpful once they know your serious. You my have to leave a message and they do call back.

If their not cleaning, they'll know who is.


There was redondo's in chch but they close up -Alfredo died I think.


My wife to be is looking at going to the uk to do the IFF furriers diploma next year. She applied and waiting for a response from them, as its funded. So maybe in the next few years there will be a new professional furriers in NZ!


Anyway try Max, he's really helpful normally.


Good luck.

P.s. we have snow to 500m behind the house today.

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