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Ok. Thinking that with the wealth of knowkage here, there must be an answer!


My beautiful lady and myself are getting married in August (southern winter).


The issue is that she wants a fur that is similar to silver cross mink as she likes the colour and the old styles. But would like something more like Fox. The problem is that she feel a Fox is too fluffy and loses the furriers design details and craftsmanship.


So we're either looking for a swinger length Fox with amazing detail or some other fur slightly longer than mink but if the same quality of fur.


And help would be much appreciated!

A whitish sable would be awesome but we've never seen anything like that before.

Thanks Furnz.

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Marble fox, or platinum, may have the color you want. And a belted design might allow for the design features you desire.


Fitch could work, but I find it rather coarse to the touch. And the guard hair length is similar to mink.

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