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Hong Kong fur patrons at Balalaika's


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Now this is a bar for fur lovers to check out in Hong Kong. It's called Balalaika. See the Fodor's description below.


Description from Fodor's online guide:


Balalaika Bar

Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong


Vodka is served in a minus -20

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Thanks Kuma...

We have saw similar photos before but these are really great ones. Some great additions for viewing.


Also, Kuma, I notice that this is your first post. Just wanted to welcome you to the site here. I hope that you have a great time here posting and reading in the future. It is always so great to see new members here.


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Thanks for the welcome White Fox and thank you for the compliments everyone


I have returned with six more pictures from Balalaika's, here they are:




Foreign girls try on the furs in Hong Kong



These three love their fox furs:



All smiles in fox and beaver furs from these two:



This beauty just loves showing her fur off in the freezer:



Another smile from her:



What a cutie, but she deserves a better quality silver fox:




Women from Asia just love furs, and I love looking at them, too bad the temps are high!





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I'm sure those loaner fur coats take a beating in those rooms after the wearers has a couple of drinks onboard.

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