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Being cautious


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Question for of all my fur friends..

Is there any hidden dangers to wearing an oversize furs?? Rubbing/friction to look out for?

I ask bc I normally wear 2x size mens faux mahogony jacket. I want to find a 3x possibly 4x size bc I want extra room.

This is only information I am looking for to owning a plus size fur.

I am actively searching for a vintage 3x maybe 4x mink.. And a mink hat..


Mink and coffee are my favorite obsessions..

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No, all furs no matter the size or length are subject to the number one problem of keeping a fur l0oking new, and that is friction. Of course, a larger fur may have the problem of say drippy sleeves for instance, and one would need to be more aware of how it is worn to avoid the bottoms of the sleeves becoming worn, that perhaps one would not have to think about with a jacket of more modest size and style. A fll length coat is going to have the problem of wear at the bottom from legs and shoes rubbing over time, but a jacket will get worn from being zipped up too tightly to the body. See what I mean? The problem exists for all furs, but simply manifests itself in different levels and ways, and that problewm is friction to the guard hairs especially.

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