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Help with this fur photo


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Hi everyone,


Can you please help me out with 2 things:

Does anyone recognize this photo, and where it's from? I believe it's from a Saks catalogue (Christmas time catalogue obviously), but I have no idea what year, guessing 1990s.




Also---is it just me, or is this photo weird? The guy is seated in a sleigh, but where are his legs?!? Does he have one leg slung over the other, and is that a brown suede loafer with a purple sock (with black tie!??!) I am trying to make sense of how the guy is sitting, given how the full-length coat is positioned on him.

Can someone explain?


Please, and Thanks!

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I think it is 80's or early 90's, Saks or possibly Neimann Marcus, and his legs are crossed and hidden by the length of the fur coat. Cannot really comment on the matter of colour choices as relates to his overall style, but he does look nice IMHO.

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Yes, I think he has one knee bent.. his left leg which is the foot we see. The other leg seems to be extended.. his right leg. I think he might have black nylon type socks on with loafers (popular kind of preppy black tie of the time?) and the light reflection, transparent nature of the material is casting a purple hue in the photo. Looks late 80s to me, but maybe early 90s, just like Lynxette said.

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