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Vienna Waltz Balls


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Hello, Fur Lovers.


I returned from Vienna at the very end of January. I attended the Ärzteball (Medical Professionals' Ball) and the Jägerball (Hunters' Ball), and there were a few furs to be seen. I do recall a full length mink in the coat check during Ärzteball worn by someone who was there to check it in, and a few furs at Jägerball. I wore a sheared black mink 3/4 stroller with a Chinchilla collar and tuxedo to both balls. There were no hostile sidelong glances in my direction as my peripheral vision was taking in as much as possible. Even my dance partner, who held progressive views (I consider myself liberal/progressive as well) did not seem to care. I should mention that the Animal "Rights" crowd was there to protest the Jägerball as they do every year. In my personal opinion, The Opera Ball and Silvesterball (New Years Eve) probably have more flamboyant fur offerings.


For daytime in Vienna, and also on the flight, I wore a black sheared mink stroller which could be also worn as a rain coat (reversible). No problems at all and I was treated well. I thought it better to wear something that wasn't as obviously "pelty" since I was travelling alone. For this reason I nixed wearing my full length fitch, stone marten, Canadian sable, or any of my other full length pelty minks. In the daytime streets of Vienna I don't recall seeing any memorably striking furs. I saw a few fur collars and fur jackets, and quite a few of those down jackets.


Attending the balls themselves was a wonderful experience, so much so that I'm considering returning next year for two different balls. As far as Viennese Waltz I did better than I'd expected (I've been taking private lessons from an independent teacher for about a year now). My partner was an excellent dancer, and I should add that there are other rooms in the Hofburg, the venue of the balls I attended, where there are other styles of music being played for Foxtrot, Samba, Swing, Tango, etc. All of this music is performed by live orchestras, bands, and combos. There's even a disco, and in the basement was a Heuriger where they were playing Hungarian Csardas and Polkas while we were there. The balls can be crowded but things thin out somewhat after 3:00am or so (we stayed until 5:00 am when they officially end). Be sure to participate in Fledermaus Quadrille and the Galopp if you ever decide to attend (danced at midnight), and you should also consider getting a "Sitzplatz" (a table/place to sit between dances). There's also a "ladies' gift" for attending the balls which can be collected until 1:00am.

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Thank you for sharing the details of your experience. Wonderful that you had a great experience, but I wish you could have seen more furs.

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