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First off I'd like to thank all of you who have donated to the site. Your contributions are very much appreciated, and are being saved to fund the new chat system for the site as well as other operating costs.


I won't name any names - Just know we truly appreciate it.



If you want to donate you can click the donate button at the top which will set up a PayPal donation. We also have bitcoin set up now too.


Bitcoin account ID via kraken: 3GSk5yy2R8a5FCwPG3QsPu5xYaqPAf9ndj


Donating is NOT a requirement - Just there for those who like to be generous.



Thanks everyone!

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Just hit the button! I have to admit I should have donated long ago but hey " better late than never". Thanks for all the work you do neoJaguar !

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I remember a while back a discussion about the site ending. Is this still relevant? If so, will donating help?

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Not ending, but not up for renewal yet. Has a few months although ads aren’t as good as they used to be due to lack of traffic, clicks, etc.


Will have to see where we at come toward the end of the year when the hosting is ready to be reupped.



Melody was going to be cut off, but has since found a new owner. Maybe that’s what you heard?

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