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I have just tried to upload some images to the CD/TS/TV gallery and got the following message

"This album has reached the quota of images. You cannot upload images anymore.

Please contact the administrator for more information."

Nothing has been uploaded to this gallery since Wed Dec 07 2016.

Surely this is not helpful to the continuing growth of this site.



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We did allow a maximum number of images per album of 2500. That has been raised to 3000.


Please keep in mind that our space is limited and that this site is NOT a replacement for sites like Flickr, Photobucket, Facebook, Imgur, Dropbox, etc, etc.

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To be honest I didn't realize there was a limit on it. My bad.


We have unlimited space, but something with the amount of files we have. It's kind of dumb, but we aren't anywhere near that cap yet. So post away!

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To clarify one point:

The cost and amount of disk space available to a website will vary with the hosting company and hosting plan chosen. To be honest, I was not aware our space was unlimited.

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