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Party in smoking bar in off topic Cath Zeta Jones etc

Guest touchofsable

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Now its going to get smokey in there so no whinging if your furs smell of smoke. See catherine Zeta jones and Catherine deneuve and Emmanuell Beart and Helena Bonham Carter and Uma Therman and monica bellucci and Demi moore and Emmanuelle Beart and Connie Nielsen and joan crawford and Melanie Griffith(with Anotonio Bannderras for you girls)etc etc are all in there in furs smoking (except for melanie...she didnt bring hers). Now its our bar and there is a strict smoking policy.


In the meantime I brought two here. Two of them are smokers and I dont know about Fernanda serrano but maybe you lot can find out for me. In the meantime you can look after her here;

and There are a fair few more of her in fur in the gallery and the other pages too. Prize for the first person who finds a pic pf fernanda smoking!


Then there a nice one of Ashley Judd(who we all know smokes in Eye of the beholder, but thers none of her smoking there. I have a full house with the rest anyway but heres a nice one:


Hmmm...maybe she has a cigarette in her other hand anyway...could be obscured by the light....she looks like she should have.


Then just to open the bar door a little so you can see what you are missing here is Catherine Zeta Jones; Seen her smoking in fur IRL which was nice.


All wecolme. Youre not going to leave em all for me and worker and allfurme and pokerace and blackfox are you? LOTS more awesome posted links there...smoking and furs.


And just a mention of what a beautiful site that PhotoActor.com is both in terms of naviagtion and in terms of the guys absolute taste in the wealth and quality of images there...a lot of them unknown to me because they are probably from european magazines.

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Thanks Earndil.


What I dont get is that 178 people have read this and yet only about a third have looked at the off topic post...theres plenty more fur shots there and not all smoking. Its just that its easier to post them altogether.


My latest post should really be in webshots but there are some there not from Getty relating to Anna Kournikova...so I will put them all in the smoking thread with some other new ones.

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I keep checking on this thread topic to see when it explodes and becomes another pro/anti smoking rant to the death.

I have a bet with another member that it will blow up soon.

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I dont know why though Eric. Many of us have a mixed interest of likes/dislikes. I would be pleased of someone did a thread on say, high heels, or thigh boots, or gloves or basques/suspenders etc. or embraces (yes Nelmut Newtons embrace fur shots are nice but so are all his embrace shots without fur too)If they did it in off topic then they could also post JUST those things...I like for example nice tight skirt pics. Now there are nice ones on Mr Mockles and he even had a link posted on a tight skirt site. But if someone wanted to post say just nice classy pencil skirt shots in off topic then great...if they had fur even better. Thats all I am trying to do.


If people dont like smoking they dont have to go there, and if they didnt like pencil skirts they wouldnt have to go to such an off topic either. the reason I am posting them here too is that many dont mind if they are in fur...and theres quite a few with just furs actually...my point is that they ARE smokers, and the thought of them smoking in furs gives me a buzz.


And new in the bar tonight are Liz Hurley, Liz taylor, Kirsten Scott Thomas, ANNA KOURNIKOVA and Audrey Hepburn. There are references to fur shots on all of them and thats the only reason I am posting them here.


Actually talking about mixed fetishes I had a bit of a shock earlier. I had a PM from blackfox entitled "Furs and Cripples" and I gulped at the prospect of opening that as I know there are a few crutches fetishists out there. Imagine my relief (though not his!) when he meant that HE had a bad back and has been incapacitated!

Get well soon blackfox!

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Ive got quite a few books on that subject.

When you end up in a disability rehab hospital, you are given like 4 books on that subject matter along with many other books on your disability depending on your level of injury.


I do hope that none of you EVER have to go through that.

Its a one way trip to hell.

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I cant begin to imagine what its like Eric and its a testimony to your courage.

My main charity work is with spinal injured people because so many friends have been paralysed.

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Great conversation here, as always!


I know first post started out as fur, but, really belongs in off topic.


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