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Need Advise on local classifieds


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Don't. People posting to classifieds have to put up with enough crap, don't add to the list.


Be polite and recognize the boundaries of where and how you're meeting her. It's not a dating site. She used a classified service to sell a coat, not find suitors or learn about fetishes.


Be friendly, be courteous and compliment her (she looks good in the coat, right? nothing wrong with complimenting her on that), but try not to be creepy about it and understand she will owe you nothing in return for the compliment. She most likely has her hands full with creeps already contacting her, even ones who don't want to buy the coat, actually, and just want attention.


A friend just sold a futon couch through classifieds, and it was an absolutely unnecessary ordeal for her from dealing with suspicious people contacting her to retired old people who didn't understand that she had to work 9-5 and couldn't just show them the couch at their earliest convenience.

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You know, based upon your descriptions, I am glad I have always shied away from any type of selling or buying in this manner. Sounds like it can be a real hassle.

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