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Sighting of a huge fur trimmed hood


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I was traveling in London today and came across this person with a jacket with a hood with a huge fur trim. It was so big I had to take a photo and I've posted it in the gallery http://thefurden.com/tfd/phpbb3/app.php/gallery/image/5858/source .


What kind of fur is it and does anyone have an idea who the maker could be? I couldn't see who made it. There was a gold coloured metal disc on the left arm.





added photo for those who dont want to go to the gallery - neo

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Hi all,


It wasn't at canary wharf but on a station on the DLR line. I can't quite remember which one.


I have good news though. I believe I have worked out the make. After hunting around the internet I now believe that it's a coat by Froccella. I can identify the coat in my photo because of the badge on the left arm. It's not very clear in the photo but I'm pretty sure that its the same as the ones on Frocella coats . Unfortunately, I'm not sure where Frocella coats can be bought in London.

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It is finn arccoon, at least the first pic posted. What I want to know is where does one find these to buy??? I see pics all the time, but I have yet to see one anywhere in the world in a store to purchase. Very annoying.

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