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TV Series - The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


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Yeah I agree Lynxette. It does seem to be getting more popular and less stigma attached these days, which is a good thing obviously. Here in the uk it is appearing more and more in newspapers - paparazzi style reporting, although in some papers they still often refer to a coat/jacket as faux, when that’s clearly not the case. A lot of comments on such articles are about pointing out that it is real, and there’s not too many comments which are negative about wearing fur.


My boyfriend is now getting quicker than me in spotting people wearing fur. He’s always pointing them out to me. I’m kinda hoping he’s evaluating my reaction as to which furs I like best, in the sense that he’s gonna surprise me with a rather nice special present!

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That misidentification is one of my major pet peeves, even though I understand why it is done. Very often in Architectural Digest, there will be beautiful coyote or fox furs used in decorating that are listed in the captions as faux...simply to avoid having to deal with the PETAphiles. Shameful.

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Yeah I think that’s exaxtly why they do it. Any comeback and they can plead ignorance. Pretty obvious trick really but still underhand and intentionally misleading.


I’ve even seen them run a Link alongside the article - where to buy what she’s wearing. Will link it to a shopping site that sells a faux fur coat, nothing like the one worn in the article. It’s all really rather transparent.

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