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Mrs. Henderson Presents

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This movie, if it hasn't been mentioned yet, is filled with fur. Set in the 30's, it is bound to be, but I am only a third thru it and it is fantastic for stoles, full length coats, etc, etc.

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Miss Thereasa,


I haven't watch it, but thanks for the thumbs up on it. As soon as i can find it cheap on Amazon i will buy it.

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I will be presenting this movie next week! >>> Mrs. Henderson Presents <<<


So, not only will I be able to see all those delicious furs on a 30 foot wide screen, but I will actually have the 35mm film print in my hot little hands!


That's a double whammy for a techno-geek like me!


Should you be interested in downloading the trailer you can check them out here:


>>> MovieCentre.net <<<


>>> Apple.com/trailers <<<


(It is interesting to note the difference between the US and the European versions of the trailer.)

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I just pre-screened the movie last night. That's one of the projectinist's duties; to ensure that the film print is fit for presentation to a paying audience. If there are any flaws in the film it has to be replaced.


Conesquently, I can give a "Fur Report" on the movie.

(Will try not to give too many spoilers on the movie, itself.)


The first two reels contain the most fur. (A reel of film averages 20 minutes.)


Judi Dench (Mrs. Henderson) and Thelma Barlow (Lady Conway) probably wear the most fur in the whole movie.


Dench wears a few different furs throughout several scenes. Most notably, a full length brown mink. This coat appears in several scenes. There is a scene in the third reel where Dench visits the gravesite of her deceased son. Her valet brings her mink and drapes it over her shoulders, from behind, to keep her warm.


Thelma Barlow wears mostly a fox stole but in a few scenes, she and some other society ladies are positively dripping in fur.


I would say that the bulk of the fur is in the first three reels of the film. (Half-way point.)


The rest of the movie was entertaining, in my opinion, but there was little fur. I'm sorry to say that there was no fur worn by the girls on the stage, nor was there any fur nudity.


However, there are a couple of scenes where big, ostrich plume fans are used on stage. The girls use them in formation to seductively cover and reveal themselves, as was popular in those days. (And still is, to a certain extent.)


If I remember correctly, this would be in the fourth and fifth reels.


The film has an "R-rating" in the USA and a "12-A Cert." in the UK. There is brief nudity but no long term full-frontal. There is one scene where male nudity is included. (Second or third reel, IIRC.) There is quite a lot of humor in the scene and, although frontal, it is brief. Given the circumstances of the plot and the brevity of it, I didn't find it objectionable.


In fact, I found nothing too objectionable for a 17 year old to view. (A "USA R-Rating" excludes anybody under the age of 17 unless accompanied by an adult.) Virtually all nudity in the movie is what I would classify as "R and B"... "Rumps and Bumps".


There is plenty of fur in the movie, but I was a bit disappointed that none of the younger women wore fur. I guess, to be historically accurate, young women in those times probably wouldn't have worn fur unless they were married to a relatively rich man. (Or as a gift from a suitor.) Therefore, it wouldn't have appeard in the movie, except on the "Society Ladies".


Overall, exclusive of the fur, I give the movie 4 stars out of 5. (****.)


Oh! I almost forgot! There's a scene with a guy (turns out to be a woman) dancing in a Bear suit! Hey! Bears AND fur! Everybody's happy on this movie!

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