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Jennifer Lopez- How many pelts?

Guest PoorLittleFox

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A collection of all the delicious fox furs of J-Lo's I could find.



I did a some basic math, and it looks like this small part of Jennifer Lopez's fur collection took about 200 fox pelts. 200 innocent little foxes, all killed for the beauty and desire of one beautiful, luxurious celebrity. How cruel! I love knowing woman who are willing to sacrifice anything for their lovely furs. She could fill a whole farm with that many foxes. I think its funny that Cruella De Vil is a villain for 101, yet someone like J lo is adored fro 200!


Based on some animal rights statistics, it takes twenty foxes to make a full length coat, 16 to make a mid length coat, about two pelts to make a collar, and five to make a stole. The collection below shows 5 mid length coats, 5 full length coats, 3 collars, and 2 stoles. 5 x 20 plus 5 x 16 plus 3 x 2 plus 2 x 5= 196


I encourage you all to ask how many pelts for other celebrities.

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I love it too. I was talking with some work colleagues one time. The conversation (fueled with some late night drinks) moved from hunting to some furs one of the females in our group owned. She described it better than anyone else,"I like wearing fur, it's very carnal." What a perfect description!

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