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So, for me one of the funniest fur related things to see is celebrities post pictures of themselves in fur on Instagram (specifically). Doesn't sound special, until you look at the comments. Just a HUGE amount of people who aren't educated on such matters giving their one sentence opinions. What's even funnier is when you see a person who has obviously only recently followed the poster, who then sees that they wear fur as the seasons change and go crazy about it. Like, couldn't you just look back at their previous posts?


Anyone else have any amusing Internet interactions with people, or seen something funny where someone is shut down royally? (or other general discussion about people being educated on the changes in the fur industry)

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I have no personal stories, but I do find it humorous that there is people who berate others for wearing fur but still eat meat. Plus, people who say "faux is better" can be shut down by saying "faux isn't biodegradable and gets thrown out more, thus making the environment worse".


Like, I don't care if someone doesn't PERSONALLY like fur, but the second someone tries to say people who wear it are inherently "evil" is where I put my foot down. The debate over fur is always nothing but emotions and ethics. Strip away that and they have nothing. What I always say is "if you don't like real fur..... don't buy it!". Simple as that.

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