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Needing help determining fur type?


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Well, just enjoying a getaway with the wife in beautiful Whistler, BC and absolutely wintry outside with all the snow all-around! In the brief stay this far, haven't seen any fur warmed individuals during our evening stroll EXCEPT for the spouse in her full length crystal fox.


Now my inquiry, my wife and I were perusing winter pics and she pointed out the following coat is more her style but I keep going back and forth whether it's coyote or fox. Please help a man in need! If it is indeed fox, what type?




Thanks in advance!

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To me it looks more like fox. The colors are not quite right for coyote and the white hair on the sleeves is too thick for coyote belly. If it is fox, I am not sure which specie. Having said all that, I could be totally wrong.

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Oh oh. Was thinking that this may be unanimous but AKCoyote is providing some trepidation I was thinking Coyote myself but for some reason, the coat had some fox qualities. Thanks for your thoughts Den!

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