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Fur is trending again?

Guest FurSwede

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There is an interesting article over at Business of Fashion

https://www.businessoffashion.com/articles/intelligence/will-millennials-boost-the-fur-trade. I would say the millenials are a big part of it. Maybe they won’t wear the big full-length furs, but from what I see on the town are definitely positiv signs. And the last few days a major daily news paper has had two ads for real fur. That would not have happened 10 years ago.


Now if only the winters could be colder here in Stockholm

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I received several compliments from Millennials on my furs over that last several years. Some of them have even tried on my coats and have loved the feeling of the fur.

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I live in a city which has a famous university as well as a number of respected colleges so there are a lot of students around. I've seen a few young woman wearing real fur garments that are obviously vintage but high quality.


It's great to see a renaissance for real fur from youngsters who, a generation or so ago, would have been repelled at wearing animal skin.

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