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MissT joined one year ago, too.


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When I went back and checked my anniversary date, I noticed another name I quickly recognized who joined a day before me, I believe.




Was there something in the energy fields that brought both of us here at almost the same time?


I want to be the first to thank you for all that you add to this wonderful site. You have not only provided beauty, enjoyment and taste. But, you have displayed insight and addressed issues that might have missed for a longtime without your council.



You are a perfect example of a lady that is as smart as she is sexy.



Thank you for all you add to The Fur Den, MissT!!










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To quote the title of a Nirvana album (the original Nirvana from the Sixties):



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thanks all! i'm thinking, Linda, that there must have been something in the air that we heard, you are right! i hadn't realized it'd been a year already, either! i am so happy to have a home where people feel i contribute positively... great to hear, thanks again!

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