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You gotta realize that Nolan Miller Died in 2012. So it no point to bring him back. The other thing is that you have to watch the show This Wednesday on the CW that have real furs or fake furs. But the Nolan Miller dresses itself just watch the show Wednesday and be show to make a topic on The Moving Image on Thursday for the review.

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We realize Mr. Miller died not that long ago.

I was merely commenting on a report that they will be using faux fur in the wardrobe.

An important reason for my interest in the show was a return to filming with real furs a la Empire.

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Although the CW has been responsible for some pretty stellar shows and content for the most part, (particularly shows from the Arrowverse) I think seeing a real fur on that network will be exceedingly rare. That network is not known for making extremely bold choices with their content and they don't have the same kind of network money that 20th Century Fox does. The CW is still a pretty young cable channel and they might be years away before having the kind of wardrobe budget a network like ABC did when they produced the original Dynasty television series.

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