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For any number of fur wearing people, share your favorite picture for each.


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The rules for this thread are simple:

1. Choose a fur wearing person (celebrity, historical figure, fictional character, etc.)

2. Post your one favorite picture for that person (or multiple variations of the same pic)

3. Note the person's name.

4. Lather, rinse, repeat.


So what's your fave pic for each person?


Anastasia Griffith (from the show "Copper")



Audrey Hepburn



Ava Gardner



Autumn (Southern Charms model)



Carol Alt



Celine Dion



Destiny's Child (yes, all three of them)



Ginger Rogers



Jennifer Lopez



Kate Upton



Kylie Jenner



Lana Cox



Liya Kebede



Marcia Cross



Marie Therese (fashion model)



Navia Nguyen (fashion model)






Princess Margaret



Queen Elizabeth II



Sofia Vergara



Sophia Loren


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I really like your idea so here are some fur pictures of mine :


Shay Hendrix (MrMockle)



Paulette Goddard (here from Modern Times)



Erin Richards (Barbara from Gotham)



Meatel (Galaxy Express 999)



Hope you like them too and sorry for the size...

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"sorry for the size"


It's more a problem if you hotlink to certain sites. Next time try our gallery, or uploading to sites like imagebam.


Otherwise, keep 'em coming!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Anita Ekberg (from "La Dolce Vita")



Anna Maria Alberghetti



Ayumi Hamazaki



Barbara Carrera



Barbi Benton



Betty Grable (from "That Lady In Ermine")



Brenda Bakke (from "Hot Shots! Part Deux)



Britney Spears



Carol Heiss (from "Snow White and The Three Stooges")



Carolyn Murphy



Charlize Theron



Christina Aguilera



Cindy Crawford



Debrah Harris



Debra Messing



Debra Paget



Diana Krueger



Delores Costello Barrymore



Doris Day (from "My Dream is Yours")



Dorthy Malone



Emma Stone (from "Gangster Squad")



Faith Evans



Grace Kelly



Jane Powell



Jayne Mansfield



Jennifer Lawrence



Wynonna (left) and Naomi (right) Judd



Kelly Brook



Kim Katrall (from "Mannequin")



Kirsten Dunst (which says something, since I'm not fond of the dress itself {see here and here}; the cut is just wrong to me)



Linda Darnell



Martha Hyer



Natalia Vodianova



Natalie Wood


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Patricia Neal



Pier Angeli



Queen Fabiola (when she was queen of Belgium)



Lady Diana Spencer



Rosamond Pike



Ruth Terry (from "Appointment for Love")



Sofia Coppola



Suzy Parker



Sunny Harnett



Tyra Banks



Ulyana Sergeenko



Uma Thurman



Vivian Leigh



Rosemary Clooney



Vera Ellen


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