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Calling all Tech Heads!!!

Guest furelli

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Have jus updated their front page & some of their catologue BUT unfortunately none of their pics on the Flash entrance page are in it, is there a way of capturing those shots on the Flash Entry page?


Thx for any help

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Use Firefox as your browser.


Then install the videodownloader extension from https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/2390/


This allows you to save swf files to your HD.


When trying to play these files windows will prompt you for a program to open them with - select firefox.


This worked for me from the site mentioned.

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Assuming you are browsing on a Windows machine, and have a little patience, one way of doing it is to wait until the picture you want to capture appears and then hit ALT+PrtScr.


This puts an image on the browser window onto the clipboard. You can then load up Paint (or somthing similar) and select Paste to load in your screen shot. It's then just a matter of cropping away the bits you don't want and saving the picture to your HD somewhere.

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Don't you love those Russian Documents?


We should make a short course "Russian language for fur lovers".

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