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Hard Rock Hallelujah (lordi; Finland; win 9/1 sp)

Guest touchofsable

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Sorry should have put you lot on.


Was on meself at 33/1; 25/1 and 9/1.


In the market for some nice fur hats now; pref native.


Won lots of dough.


Lordi, Finland. Dressed up as monsters in leather and fur and descibing themselves as meateaters in a vegetarian restaurant. Also not bad for a band that did a PETA cocert once i think(cant find any evidence so its heresay)


They wore BITS of real fur in the qualifiers anyway.


And anything that gets at christian funamatalists gests my vote!!!!




Am npw on at 20/1 for it to make no 1 in the UK...get on!!!!!!

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Yes, finally did the best song win. I also made some money on their victory, plus I'm also one of their fans from the pre-Eurovision days , so today I'm pretty happy!

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Had absolutely no idea what the hell you were talkign about when I first read this post... and then SBS broadcast the Eurovison Song Contest from Greece (delayed *sigh*)


All I gotta say is... after several years: THEY GOT IT RIGHT!!!!


Who'da thought that Fins could be so musical and entertaining *grin*


(Now watch the messages flow... come on Boys... I'm ready....)

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Well the best song (it was the only one i listened to) won. Trouble is i've been listening to thrash metal and very heavy rock all these years far superior to the Finland song and now it might even become popular. Then the charts will be full of very cheap immitations just to sell music and make someone lots of money. And all the sheep will be saying what an original concept the music is. Napalm Death must be turning in their graves (and they aren't even dead)


The Eurovision Song Contest was already absolute rubbish and now the organisers who put a lot of money into it obviously haven't realised yet that the Eastern European countries vote for each other? It is a sort of post code (zip) lottery that isn't based on talent but where you live.

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what happens is that they dont vote for each other...they ring the adjoining countries phone exchange. We could vote for UK if we all rang Ireland then the irish voting number.


Lordi arent a one hit wonder...they have been going for years.


And I think their brand of metal is tongue in cheek in a similar kind of way to Motorhead.


Its a very good song too.

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Gee... did I just hear the voice of Sir Terry Wogan? (Allfurme... yes I am looking at you *grin*)


As for the voting, of course it is open to abuse.... as are most phone/on-line systems. However if A gives 12 to B and vice versa, it doesn't really matter if M gets a constant run of 5's, 6's and 7's with the occassional 8, 10 or 12. 37 countries voted; 37 x 12 = 444. Finland got 292 ( I think) and quite often whilst not in the top three did get minor votes.


As for the decline in hard rock, I doubt it. There's always another band out there that wants to replace the big one of the moment (notice I didn't say who *grin* in both cases)


And given the contest's success rate at bringing forth international stars.... hmmmmmmmmm ABBA, Celine Dion... Lulu...... and Olivia Newton-John... and she didn't win LOL but some of the songs Have been successful (An early italian winner comes to mind, but the duet who sang it have long faded from memory). So it is not all doom and gloom for Hard Rock... and it is a refreshing change to have the contest in finland Next Year. GET OUT YOUR FURS NOW!!! *grin*

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Glam rock is not fading at all. Several years ago had the luck to score KISS with the MSO on a friday in Melbourne and the Strolling Bones on Saturday. the KISS concert was great fun, with rock fans bringing their kids (I took one of mine) Everyone enjoyed the 'show' as it is entertainment. As for the 'bones', it was VERY sedate. Prob needed someone to fall out a coconut tree to liven it up!


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