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Prayer for residents affected by Hurricane Harvey


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Good morning everyone..

I would like to ask for prayers for everyone that is in the path of Hurricane Harvey .. From reports currently that far south east Houston bridge is already flooding and were expecting alot of rain along the Texas gulf from BrownsVille, Tx to far southeast Texas east of Beaumont, Tx.

I am as well a Texas resident my self.

I am nearly 3hours driving time from Corpus Cristi, Tx in the Hill country one hour west of

San Antonio Tx.. This weather pattern will affect most of the entire state..

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Harvey has made landfall in Port Lavaca Tx 10miles north of Corpus Cristi.

Every business and hotels and gas stations as well as all fishing vessels and oil refieneries have been shut down untill the hurricane diminishes down to a thunderstorm.

There are multiple suggestions of where it will go across the state of Texas..

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