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Is this jacket masculine enough?


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I am 23 years old and I would like to have your opinion about this winter coat. I really like this coat, but I doubt if this masculine enough. I would like to hear your opinions.

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Okay, according to you, I just van to wear the jacket.My love for fur I usually do not show that.So I wonder if it's too much. I do not want to be strangely watched Because of all that fur. Because am a man... AND ! What do you think of the jacket?

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Relax and enjoy.
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But are you sure the lining is real fur?

If not, save the money, earn more money and buy real fur. I'd prefer sheepskin with a raccon collar.

Fake fur is neither masculine nor feminine.


Looks like this jacket www.aliexpress.com/...

Description just says "fur" for the lining and "real fur" for the collar.

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Who cares what other people think... I used to wrap myself up in the biggest fur coats I have "wanting" to go outside but didn't because I was concerned about what someone would think... now I just go meh.. throw on a full length silver fox and goto the park.. Stop at the fur store and see the attention if there is anyone there!!! I wore my full length red fox to the store with a shadow fox hat to get my silver fox fixed and the furrier LOVED it.. he asked how many coats I have etc etc... Of course there are the people that look and stare, but like Ive said, I just dont care anymore...

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I agree with WinnipegFur.

I also just don't care what any one thinks, and wear as much fur as possible every day.

The minimum amouit of fur I wear is 4 pieces (MINK or FOX coat, MINK, FOX or SABLE scarf, MINK hat, MINK or CHINCHILLA or SABLE gloves.)

I try to dress them up a bit with my long (3m) knitted SABLE scarf worn over the other furs, and often a MINK (sleeveless) F/L gilet. When I do, I actually don't even remove it, even if I am having lunch somewhere.

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