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Something for Windows 10 users


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...which, let's face it, is probably most of us these days.


I've been playing around with the wallpaper slideshow feature of Windows 10 and come up with something I find quite enjoyable, so I though I'd share it.


I created a set of 54 widescreen HD wallpapers, using some of my favourite fur pictures, and saved them to a dedicated folder. Then, I configured Windows to change the wallpaper to one of these pictures every few minutes.


If you've got multiple monitors, you'll get a different wallpaper on each one.


You can download a zip file containing them all from http://www.filedropper.com/wallpapers. In there is a PDF document which explains how to install them.


Some of the pictures I used are ones that I really like, but needed to be scaled up to make them fit. This affected the final quality, so I'd like to ask for your help if I may.


If you have high resolution scans of any of the following, by which I mean good quality scans with a height of 1080 pixels or more, then I'd love to hear from you.


Wallpaper 06

Wallpaper 10

Wallpaper 11

Wallpaper 17

Wallpaper 20

Wallpaper 21

Wallpaper 22

Wallpaper 23

Wallpaper 33

Wallpaper 37

Wallpaper 42


Of these, Wallpaper 33 is of particular interest. I've always loved this one, the words "group" and "hug" spring to mind.


Oh, and if anyone has any suggestions for other fur pics that would make great wallpaper, please let me know.

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You'll need to be the judge of that, but it's safe to say there are no "naughty bits" visible in any of them.


One has underwear on show, and others display some cleavage and thighs, so it really depends on the sensitivity of the people who might wander past.


You can always delete anything that might cause issues from the folder if need be.

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Hi Fourrureclub,


Good point, if you need quantity and variety then the backgroundswitcher software looks like it will do a great job on a large collection of files.


I guess what I was looking for was to use only the crème de la crème pics as desktop wallpapers. We all have different opinions on what makes a picture "crème de la crème", these are simply some of my favourites.


Can I ask you a hypothetical question?


Say, one day, it was announced that the worlds electricity supply was going to be switched off indefinitely tomorrow and you wanted to print out your most important fur pics to see you through the impending chaos. Unfortunately you only have three sheets of printer paper and cannot buy any more. Which three pictures would you print?

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Well, as I'm moving at the end of the month, the question is interesting... I'm currently throwing away a lot of things including magazine pages, ads, furriers catalogs. All that paper that means nothing if not used in some way. What I keep is the posters, vintage fur ads that are used to display on my walls, but everything else, I throw it away. So mt answer is : no electricity anymore = no more wallpapers, and no more pictures of fur on paper either !

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So I guess the real question is, of the 55,000+ files on your computer and the posters and ads on your walls, which three would you choose to keep if for whatever reason you had to make the choice?


I went through a similar purge with my collection of paper pics some time ago, but only after I'd scanned them all. Presumably you've done the same, if not I'd happily volunteer to do the scanning!

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I'll bring my furs ! That's the best answer I'd give

The rest is only paper, it's worthless, and I realized that collecting those magazine pages is way to much time consuming, as I prefered invest this time in sewing delirious fur creations... So for now I'm only collecting pictures that could enter my wallpapers folder, and that's all. In fact, I didn't scanned any of these pages, considering the time it would need to scan, correct, resize, etc.


Maybe it will sound weird or stupid, just sharing my opinion

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